"As a general dentist for
8 years, I found it was very easy to take people's mouths apart but extremely
difficult to put them back
together with their
teeth in good working order and
in harmony with their muscles, nerves and bones.

My love of dentistry and
the lack of the clinical knowledge to restoring people's mouth to good working order was the reason to pursue my
education in
advanced prosthodontics."
   –Dr. John Seibert

Dr. Seibert had eight years of general dentistry experience after graduating from the University of California San Francisco, School Of Dentistry in 1975. The practice of general dentistry was rewarding but difficulty arose in treating patients with complicated oral problems. To treat these complicated patients more clinical education was needed to have the results of treatment be successful. He applied to the University of Southern California, School of Dentistry for acceptance in the Advanced Prosthodontics Eduation Program, and was accepted and graduated in 1985. Since graduation from USC, Dr. Seibert has been in a private prosthodontic practice in Orange County in Southern California. He treats patients in need of simple dental fillings to complete oral reconstruction. He defines his practice as a one-stop-shop.

His 27 years of experience treating patients with complicated dental problems such as TMJ pain, faulty dentures, implant placement problems and implants, headaches and gum problems caused by bad bite (occlusion), and those in need of complete oral rehabilitation. He formed the Southern California Dental Education Group to give practicing dentists the opportunity to learn to recognize malocclusion symptoms and treatment of the symptoms of malocclusion.

Credentials and memberships include:
----> University of California San Francisco School of Dentistry—1975
----> University Southern California School of Dentistry, Advanced Prosthodontic Program—1985
----> American Dental Association—present
----> Californai Dental Association—present
----> Orange County Dental Association—present
----> Pacific Coast Society of Prosthodontics—present
----> West Coast Gnathologics—present
----> Southern California Dental Education Group—present