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Dr. Seibert is a specialist in prosthetic and general dentistry with over 35 years of experience treating patients. He treats patients with minor and major dental problems, such as:
Fillings; Crowns and Bridges; Dentures; Partial dentures; Implants for missing teeth or under dentures to hold them in place; TMJ pain; Headache pain; Muscle pain; and Cleanings, simple or deep.

Dr. Seibert does most or all dental procedures, from initial examination to the final restorations. He also has a full-service dental laboratory in his office. This allows him to have complete control over the making and delivery of your restorations. His in-house dental laboratory allows him to make repairs or correct broken denturs within several minutes or a few hours.

Dr. Seibert works with a team of specialists in the
fields of Oral Surgery (tooth extraction and implant placement), Periodontics (gum disease), Endodontics (root canal), Orthodontics (teeth straightening), to achieve a healthy mouth for the patient and have their teeth in good working order.

Why You May Need A Prosthodontist :

TMJ Disorder

----> When the lower jaw is being forced into an uncomfortable position by malocclusion (bad bite), the joints of the jaw must compensate and over time pain and noises will occur. Results of this disorder can result in headaches, neck aches, ringing in the ears, sore teeth, loose teeth (gum disease), sore jaw muscles, jaw joint noises (clicking, popping, grinding) and other symptoms. Many TMJ patients also have medical conditions that complicate their problems. If left undiagnosed, further deterioration of the jaw joints can continue.

Tooth Loss and Denture Fabrication
----> Many people suffer from gaps between their teeth, tooth loss or loosening of teeth. Such conditions can cause mouth discomfort, speaking difficulties, difficulty eating, and even self-conciousness that missing teeth has on a person's appearance. Denture and Implant Dentures is a method of fabricating custom dentures for a patient. This process is the present state of the art dentistry and requires specific dental skill and experience to achieve best results for a denture patient.

Dental Implants & Complete Mouth Restoration
----> Simply stated, dental implants are artificial tooth replacements used to replace tooth loss. Tooth damage and tooth loss can occur for a variety of reasons: mouth trauma, failed root canal surgery, peridontal disease, also congenital defects. In many cases, dental implants may be the only logical choice for the restoration of all necessary functionality of the teeth and supporting structures. Although not the simplest solution to improve tooth and mouth health, dental implants and implant restoration have proven to be the most functionally effective and durable restorative solution for missing teeth.